Other Agricultural land with object 87.712m2 Auction

Basic data

Type Other
Region Central Region
Address Danilovgrad
Town Danilovgrad
Area 87.712,00 m2
Purpose of the property Auction
Sales method Collateral real estate
Sales process Auction - in enforcement proceeding
Price 53.627 €

Presentation of the Real Estate

LN 149 KO Gornji Zagarač

1) Family building in a dilapidated condition in Zagarac, municipality of Danilovgrad;

2) Auxiliary buildings in Zagarac, municipality od Danilovgrad;

3) Meadows in Zagarac, municipality of Danilovgrad;

Information on the auction/offer

Date of auction 18. 7. 2022
Date for submitting offers/payment of security deposit 17. 7. 2022
Serial number of the auction/collection of offers Poslovna oznaka
Additional documents

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