Other Business building - Temerinski put bb, Novi Sad

Basic data

Code 2043
Type Other
Region Vojvodina
Address Temerinski put bb
Town Novi Sad
Area 3.080,00 m2
Purpose of the property Sell
Sales method Owned Real Estate

REAM d.o.o. Belgrade - New Belgrade announces -

1. Subject of sale:

Real estate owned by the Seller, REAM d.o.o. Belgrade – Novi Belgrade (NLB Group) with a stake of 1/1:

Office building, consisting of object number 1, on cadastral plot 104/33 and object number 1, on cadastral plot 104/56, K.O. Novi Sad III, at the address Temerinski put bb, Novi Sad. The buildings are registered in the dimensions, while the useful and construction area are not recorded. The registered objects represent one physical and functional unit. The total land area under and around the buildings is 1,890 m2.
The building at k.p. 104/33 was registered as a trade building (sales hall), registered floors Pr+2+Pk, while the building at k.p. 104/56 registered as a building for which the purpose is unknown, in reality it is a warehouse, recorded floors Pr+1+Pk. The total net usable area of the building is 3,080 m2, with the building at k.p. 104/56, in addition to the recorded floors, there is also a mounted gallery above the warehouse on the ground floor, with an area of 353 m2, which was not included in the calculation of the net usable area. The measurement of the areas was carried out by an independent, licensed, appraiser.

2. Terms of sale

The property is sold in the existing - "as seen" condition, without the buyer's right to subsequent complaints.

In this regard, all interested persons can request additional information and notices and inspect the condition of the real estate on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting on August 28, 2023. year, and ending on September 7, 2023. year, on the condition of prior written address and announcement to the e-mail address: branko.tasic@ream-srb.com, at least 72 hours before the desired appointment, as well as on the phone number +381 060 / 349 69 25 (contact person Branko Tašić) .

The final purchase price of the real estate will be determined after the bidding process.

The costs of tax on the transfer of absolute rights, certification of the purchase agreement by a notary public and other possible costs that may arise from the implementation of this legal work are borne by the buyer.

3. Terms of application

The right to participate in the advertisement has the right to all legal entities and natural persons who meet the conditions of the advertisement.
An orderly and complete written binding offer must contain all information about the offerer and the method of payment of the purchase price, i.e. attachments:
• for natural persons: first and last name, social security number, address of residence, read ID card, and if the person is a private entrepreneur, an extract from the register of the competent authority and a confirmation of the tax identification number, i.e. a statement on the method and deadline for payment of the offered purchase price, are attached to the offer prices;
• for legal entities: name and headquarters, a copy of the decision on the registration of the legal entity in the register of economic entities, a copy of the decision on the assigned tax identification number (PIB), the name and surname of the person authorized for representation (director) and his signature, i.e. a statement on the manner and deadline for payment of the offered purchase price.

Along with the offer, the participant must additionally submit proof of possession of funds in the amount of 50% of the offered price in the form of a certified bank certificate or a letter of intent from the bank that will finance the payment of the purchase price.

It is necessary for the tenderer to submit information from which funds he plans to pay the total offered price.

The offer is delivered exclusively in person, that is, by courier service, by delivery to the address: REAM d.o.o., Novi Beograd, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina no. 165/v, ground floor, until September 8, 2023. year, on weekdays from 09:00 to 15:00. Offers that arrive after 09/08/2023. at 3 pm will not be considered.

Offers are submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked: "Offer for the purchase of real estate Temerinski put, Novi Sad - DO NOT OPEN".

Incomplete and untimely bids will not be considered.

An offer in which the price is not specified, or is given descriptively, will not be considered. The offer must include a deadline for payment of the purchase price and must be given as binding and in accordance with the ZOO.

The seller reserves the right to cancel the procedure according to this public advertisement, as well as not to select the most favorable bidder in case of receipt of inappropriate, unsatisfactory and/or incomplete offers.

The seller will not bear any responsibility or be obliged to compensate for any damage that an interested person as a participant of this advertisement could possibly have due to participation in this procedure.

4. Selection of the most favorable bidder

The process of collecting, opening bids and ranking bidders is carried out by the Commission for the selection of the most favorable bidder.

The criterion for choosing the most favorable bidder is the amount of the offered purchase price and the deadline for payment of the purchase price.

The commission for the selection of the most favorable bidder determines the sequence of valid bids. In the event that two or more bidders offer the same purchase price, the Seller reserves the discretion to select the most favorable bidder.

Bidders who have submitted a bid do not have the opportunity to attend the opening of bids. All bidders who submit a bid, after the completion of the sale or cancellation process, have the right to inspect the Minutes of Bid Opening.

If only one offer arrives at the ad, it will be taken into consideration.

If the bidder whose offer was declared the most favorable does not sign the contract within 15 days of receiving the invitation to conclude the contract, it will be considered that he has abandoned the sale and will be held liable for damages to the seller.

After the commission's decision on the selection of the most favorable Bidder, the Seller's Representative will inform the participants of the advertisement about the selection of the most favorable offer.

In Belgrade, on August 25, 2023. years

REAM d.o.o. Belgrade

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