Houses 1/2 house ownership, Seline, Zadar New

Basic data

Code 1/2 vlasništva kuće Seline, Zadar
Type Houses
Region Zadar
Address Vodovodna ulica 5
Town Starigrad
Area 157,00 m2
Purpose of the property Sell
Sales method Owned Real Estate
Sales process In agreement with the owner of the real estate
Price Price negotiable

1/2 house ownership of real estate registered in ZKUL 657 KO Seline. KČ 2132/3 KO Seline. The seller does not have the possession of the whole property.

For all questions please call the contact number.

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Josip Žurga will be in charge of the property and will see to your needs and work to answer all of your questions.

Josip Žurga

Prodaja i upravljanje nekretninama +385 1 208 8820 +385 99 636 4677

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