What is the procedure when I am interested in portfolio offer?

Interested investors need to fill out a request form clearly stating an interest in a prestructured or custom made portfolio. In case of custom made portfolio a meeting or a teleconference would be required to align investor’s demands and our portfolio opportunities. Upon signing of an NDA agreement we deliver you a portfolio offer with detailed list real estate items.


What is the process of purchasing a property?

You have found an item of property you wish to buy on our website. Please contact the person indicated in the advertisement. We will invite you to inspect the property and, to help you decide, answer any questions you might have. Property can only be purchased on the basis of a sales agreement which precisely defines the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. All marketed items of property are entered in the land register.

When you decide on a purchase, our lawyers will draft a sales agreement and give you the necessary explanations of the activities that follow the signing of the agreement (payment of the purchase money, hand-over of the property, land register application for entering the title under the buyer, etc.).


Which documents are required to lease property from PRO-REM d.o.o.?

You must fill in an application for a property lease which is submitted to you before signing the agreement. The application contains information such as basic details of the lessee (name, surname, personal identity no. and tax no., pers. account no., etc.), of their financial standing and potential representative.


What is a building energy performance certificate?

A building energy performance certificate is an official document that evaluates the energy required for the normal performance of your building. It takes account of all characteristics of the building (position, shape, insulation, etc.) and in-built systems (electrical installations, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, solar power plant, etc.) that affect the need for energy. One of the results is the building’s classification in an energy class, ranking from A to G. Besides the information on energy consumption, the proposed measures for increasing the energy performance are an essential part of the building energy performance certificate. Buyers or lessees obtain an independent expert assessment of the building’s energy performance, which facilitates their decision to buy or lease it.


Who pays the tax on real estate trading in Slovenia?

The tax obligation is created when the agreement based on which property is transferred is signed. The tax on real estate trading, which accounts for 2% of the sales price of the property, is paid by the seller of the property; nevertheless, the contracting parties can agree that the tax is to be paid by the buyer.
The taxpayer has to file a real estate trading tax assessment application within 15 days of the tax obligation being created with the tax authority holding jurisdiction in the territory where the property is located. The tax must be paid within 30 days of having been served the real estate trading tax assessment. Payment of the tax is one of the preconditions for a notary public to certify the agreement, thereby making it a land register document, i.e. a document based on which the title to the property can be transferred.
Tax on real estate trading is not paid on traded property for which value-added tax was paid.


Do I get any purchase guarantees from PRO-REM d.o.o.?

We apply good business practice and comply with the Protection of Buyers of Apartments and Single Occupancy Buildings Act (ZVKSES), pursuant to which you are entitled to a guarantee when purchasing new property. You also obtain a guarantee on all in-built devices in accordance with the supplier’s warranty periods and terms and conditions.