Sell methods

Owned property

Own property means property owned by the Bank or its subsidiary companies in which the Bank or its subsidiary companies hold ownership rights.

Mortgaged property

A mortgaged property means property owned by individuals or companies that are the subject of execution or sale of property under insolvency procedures (compulsory settlement and bankruptcy). In such cases, the Bank or its affiliates only act as sales promoters, by publishing ads. As a rule, any property purchased in such procedures is unencumbered.


An auction means a public sale in which goods are sold to the highest bidder. Natural persons and legal persons can attend auctions, subject to paying a security deposit. The payment deadline, the amount and the account to which the security deposit is paid are determined on a case-by-case basis. In an auction, potential buyers - bidders increase their bids and, in the end, the highest bid is either accepted or not.

Investor portfolios

Investor portfolios are a selection of carefully chosen items of property which represent a unique investment opportunity intended for a specific group of investors. Generally, they are intended for large institutional investors and have great investment potential.