About company PRO-REM d.o.o. – in liquidation

Company name: PRO-REM, poslovanje z nepremičninami, d.o.o. – in liqudation
Short name: PRO-REM d.o.o. – in liquidation
Registered office: Čopova ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Equity: EUR 7,500.00
Court register (Srg) entry no.: 2014/39401; Ljubljana District Court
Company reg. no: 6680917000
Tax number: SI53176197
Transaction account: SI56 0287 3026 1064 898, held with NLB d.d.
Telephone: +386 1 586 29 16
E-mail: nepremicnine@prorem.si

Company management:

Liqudator :
Jovica Jakovac
T: +386 1 476 52 60
E: jovica.jakovac@nlb.si

Liqudator :
Lamija Hadžiosmanović
T: +386 1 586 29 81
E: lamija.hadziosmanovic@prorem.si

Marketing and sales:
Darja Pasar
T: +386 1 586 29 16; +386 51 692 782
E: darja.pasar@prorem.si
Real estate agent licence no.: 0219402162

Supervisory Board

Chair: Mateja Pfeifer
Member: Štefan Brvar
Member: Jure Košar

Technical maintenance:
Iztok Fröhlich
T: +386 1 586 29 01; +386 41 777 200
E: iztok.frohlich@prorem.si

Marketing and sales:
Tomaž Ojo
T: +386 1 586 29 06; +386 51 693 233
E: tomaz.ojo@prorem.si
Real estate agent licence no.: 0111101117

Marketing and sales:
Dejan Ozimek
T: +386 1 586 29 13; +386 51 303 307
E: dejan.ozimek@prorem.si
Real estate agent licence no.: 0036700378

Marketing and sales:
Dolores Pance
T: +386 1 586 29 72; +386 31 374 475
E: dolores.pance@prorem.si
Real estate agent licence no.: 0029100297


Business activity

PRO-REM d.o.o. – in liquidation is a subsidiary of Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. It was founded in 2014 with the aim of establishing centralised real estate management that would be professional and efficient from the marketing (sale and lease) and technical (maintenance and maintaining of the real value of property) points of view.

The company focuses on two main functions:

  • active marketing of own property;
  • provision of expert support in the real estate area to NLB Group members in Slovenia.


The employees of PRO-REM d.o.o. – in liquidation are highly qualified and responsive in providing reliable and quality real estate services:

  • sale and lease;
  • technical management;
  • marketing;
  • legal area.

We are a reliable and responsible partner focusing on close relationships with our customers and business entities so as to be able to meet all requirements, needs and expectations. Our organisation allows for constant adaptation and responsiveness, so we can offer our customers reliable solutions with maximum synergetic effects.


PRO-REM d.o.o. – in liquidation is registered for real estate trading.

Services provided:

  • trading in own real estate;
  • renting and operating of own or leased real estate;
  • real estate activities on a fee or contract basis;
  • organising and obtaining site plans, project documentation, approvals of project documentation and building permits;
  • arranging the transfer of property, drafting proposals for the entry of material rights in the land register.

A price list of our services is available here.

What are our advantages?

Based on years of experience, we offer our customers a professional and personal approach and integral solutions in the area of real estate. Our wide range of know-how is combined with new approaches and we are able to uniformly manage the processes of conducting and implementing individual legal transactions. One of our advantages is that we market our own property, which means that we know its actual and legal status (and ensure that it is appropriately arranged).


We are aware that the financing of a real estate purchase is crucial, which is why NLB d.d. provides individual client treatment and competitive terms for real estate financing.


Individual approach
We adopt a personal approach which enables us to listen to a client’s wishes.
Only one marketing officer will be in charge of a client, taking care of your wishes and trying to find the answers to all your questions.


e Invoices
An eInvoice is an invoice submitted by the issuer of goods supplied or services provided to a debtor or invoice recipient in electronic form equalling the paper-form invoice. eInvoice exchange is the process of forwarding an eInvoice from the issuer to the recipient of the eInvoice.

The recipient of the eInvoice is a budget user, a natural or a legal person for whom the eInvoice is intended. The issuer of the eInvoice is a budget user, a natural or a legal person.


Advantages of eInvoices

  • Eco: less paper consumption.
  • Safe: sending data through secure electronic channels.
  • Fast: an automated invoice exchange that speeds up the operations.
  • Transparent: improved transparency and supervision of work with invoices.
  • Accurate: the automatic receipt of invoices reduces the number of errors, as there is no need to copy data.
  • Simple: the full cycle of invoice processing is automated (receipt, posting into the document system, posting into the accounting system, preparation of payment order)
  • Reduced operating costs: less paper, mail service expenses, manual work.
  • Storage in electronic form.

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